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Long Term Disability

The definition of disability determines whether benefits are payable and the extent to which disabilities are covered.

One large difference between PSET LTD and other plans lies in a tiny two-letter word. Simply by utilizing the word “OR” in our definitions, PSET offers beneficiaries the most flexible and versatile coverage available in the industry today.

For example, some employees meet the applicable definition of disability while still retaining the ability to perform some of their work duties full-time, perform all of their duties part-time or work in another occupation. To encourage those who are able to perform some work, the PSET disability definitions provide coverage for individuals who work while disabled, as defined in the group policy.

Additional features that distinguish the PSET plans include:

  • Guarantee Issue: Coverage up to $10,000 per month for groups with five (5) or more eligible employees is available without submitting evidence of insurability.  Evidence may be required for higher amounts.
  • Partial Disability is Always Covered: During the Benefit Waiting Period and the Own Occupation Period, you are partially disabled when you work in your own occupation but, as a result of physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder, you are unable to earn 80% or more of your indexed predisability earnings in that occupation.
  • Own Occupation benefit period: Definition of Disability for the entire benefit period is built in feature for all Professionals.

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